What types of clients do you work with?

I desire to work with clients from all socioeconomic statuses & financial stages and am especially interested in supporting:

  • Clients planning for the education of loved ones and/or financing their own education
  • Clients (heroes!) working in public and social services (healthcare, military, education, etc.)
  • First generation investors and clients new to financial planning
  • Working and middle class individuals, partners, and families
  • Clients pursuing meaningful work that supports their money goals
Do you have a fiduciary responsibility?

Yes! A fiduciary responsibility is a responsibility to act in the best interest of another person. As a registered investment adviser representative and certified college financial consultant (CCFC), client needs and interests are always the only considerations. There are no exceptions to this approach under any circumstances.

How does FG Financial make money?

Compensation is from client fees only. No commissions. No sales. No conflicts. Only education, advice, and empowerment to clients.

For hourly sessions, fees are due after completion of service. For financial plans, a 50% deposit is due upon completion of the services agreement and the remaining fees are due at the conclusion of the plan’s presentation to the client. Clients submit payment by credit card, debit card, or check.

Will you manage my investments and assets?

My focus is to educate, advise, and empower clients to be able to manage their assets themselves or gain the knowledge needed to select a money manager that best fits their needs. I have chosen to not serve as a money manager due to a strong desire to eliminate the inherent conflicts that can arise for money managers when they advise clients. An example of such a conflict is when a money manager is asked whether a client should invest additional funds in their employer-sponsored retirement plan (401k, 403b, etc.) or provide more funds to the money manager to invest. These conflicts can be overcome. However, my objective is to remain an independent, unbiased adviser that only has the goals of clients in mind at all times.

What expectations do you have of clients?

My expectations of clients are:

  • They are committed to their financial prosperity and utilizing their finances to help them live their best lives.
  • They make decisions that are best for them after being provided the information needed to make informed decisions.
  • They provide information about their financial situation, needs, dreams, etc. that I need to be able to best educate and advise them.
What happens during the free, 30 minute introduction session?

The primary goal of the introduction session is for clients to obtain the information they need to decide if a financial planning partnership with FG Financial makes sense for them. A secondary goal is for me to get to know the client/s so that I may provide the best service to the client/s.

What technology does FG Financial use?

FG Financial uses Google technology (formerly G Suite) to work with clients. All sessions are held virtually via Google Meet and client information is securely submitted via Google Forms. Technology used for virtual, group workshops may vary pending the needs of the organization or community.

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