About FG Financial

Registered Investment Adviser Representative

Certified College Financial Consultant: Expert on education funding, financial aid planning, and student loan advising

Career Adviser: 10+ years experience advising individuals on career planning

Hi, I’m Jon

and I’d like to help you take control of your money so that it enables you to live your best life. For most of my life I had negative associations with money. Coming from a poor and working class family, any thought of money was accompanied by stress, conflict, and/or feelings of insecurity and ineptness. As a result, I did my best to ignore money topics as much as possible.

Fortunately, over my life I’ve been able to build my money confidence through education and experience. Managing monthly bills, paying for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, purchasing and managing real estate property, and other life experiences all helped me to overcome my money struggles and ultimately become a true money nerd. However, being a money nerd is not necessary to have money confidence or financial health. Financial prosperity can be accessible to anyone who wants and is committed to it.

I launched FG Financial to help others grow their ability to use money as a tool for life success. With over 15 years of experience coaching others to achieve their financial, career, and educational goals, I’d be honored to serve as your partner and guide along your money journey. Get started on your path to financial prosperity by scheduling a free 30 minute introductory session today!

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